Fall of Ukraine

Версия: 1.1.0 (2016.08.04)

Крас - Донбасс
Син - Днепр,Зап-е,Киро-д
Корич - Львов,Луцк,Терн-ль,Ив-Фр,Черн-ы,Уж-д
Зелен - Хар-ов,Пол-а,Сумы
Оранж - Киев,Чер-ов,Чер-сы
Пурпур - Жит-р,Вин-ца,Хме-ий,Ровно
Бирюз - Крым
Роз - Од-са,Хер-он,Ник-ев

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World 4 You

Версия: 1.7 (2018.11.15) для Horn of the Abyss

Красный - Европа
Синий - Сев.Америка
Коричневый - Австралия
Зеленый - Арабы и Индия
Оранжевый - центр. и юж.Африка
Пурпурный - Ю-В Азия
Бирюзовый - Россия
Розовый - Юж.Америка

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Битва за сокровища Горнии v1.1

Богатые земли Горнии стали предметом противостояния восьми королевств этой земли. Кто завладеет сокровищами этих земель, тот получит значительное преимущество над противниками. Предстоит тяжёлая битва.

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Kingdom of Chaos v.2

War and Chaos is about to cover this land. Be prepared for surprise attacks not only from your neighbours, but one way monoliths and subterranean gates too!
Are you able to win a war with eight frontlines?
(There are some hidden OP heroes, who can turn the tide of War immediately)

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The 5th element - episode thre

The four beautiful sorceress, who recently graduated and survived the too hard final magician exam have become full rank Magic user, when suddenly new complications came to sight. It seems that the exam was just a walk in the park compared to the trial that awaits them now.

Design by Beorn

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Chaos and Corruption

The land has fallen into chaos! Mysterious challengers and dangerous opponents have declared war on each other. You begin as a small, weak nation, but have no choice to build up your power to survive this stuggle and withstand your opponents!

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Conquest of H and H Ult Ed

Ultimate Edition. Map notes.
---More bosses added with more difficulty.
-----Over stacks fixed and all afterlife bosses much improved.
-------Cloak of undead no longer available but Dracula can still amass Skeletons.
----------All other bosses have been given small upgrades.

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